Annual and Mid-Term Conventions

Attention Brothers!

The Mid-Term Meeting is approaching fast! This year it is being hosted by the Sequoia Chapter on Saturday, March 2, 2019, at the Wyndham Hotel in Visalia. With golf in the morning, tavloo in the afternoon, a stocked hospitality room, and a delicious steak dinner before our meeting in the evening, it’s sure to be a great time to reconnect and have tons of Trex fun! Don’t miss it!

Also, huge thanks go out to the three Central Valley chapters (Fresno, Selma, and Sequoia) for organizing an amazing 100th Anniversary 2018 Annual Convention last September! The weekend evening events were all sold out and Trex Brothers, friends, and family alike all had a fantastic time while enjoying the great food and lively entertainment. Well done Brothers — our Founding Fathers would be proud!