Grand Chapter Home

Welcome to the Triple X Fraternity Grand Chapter Website.

As an organization, we have a long-standing and firmly established history as a non-political, non-religious Fraternity of Armenian Brothers.

Founded in the early 20th century and now continuing into the 21st, Armenian-Americans in California and Las Vegas have found the Triple X Fraternity to be a binding force within the Armenian-American community, bringing together hundreds of Brother Trexmen, along with their families and friends, for public service, charitable works, fellowship, and fun.


Grand Chapter Officers

Our 2017-18 Grand Chapter Officers: 

Grand Master Gregg Chorbajian, Oakland Chapter

Junior Grand Master Dan Riley, Oakland Chapter

Grand Secretary Stuart Arakelian, Oakland Chapter

Grand Treasurer Greg Cherezian, Oakland Chapter

Grand Editor Steven Sahagian, Orange County Chapter

Grand Marshal Craig Bazigian, Oakland Chapter

Grand Historian/Custodian Ken Melkonian Jr., Fresno/Selma/Sequoia Chapters

Grand Webmaster Mark Antranikian, Selma & Peninsula Chapters

2017-18 Grand Chapter photo

New Grand Chapter Officers enjoying the Sunday evening Convention dinner (l-r): GW Mark Antranikian, GS Stuart Arakelian, JrGM Dan Riley, GMrshl Craig Bazigian, GM Gregg Chorbajian, & GT Greg Cherezian


Advisory Board

PGM Greg Avedesian, Los Angeles & Palm Desert Chapters
PGM Harold Bazarian, Orange County Chapter
PGM John Casparian, Los Angeles Chapter
PGM Pete Cholakian, Selma Chapter
PGM Jeff Hazarian, Los Angeles Chapter
PGM Bob Juskalian, Fresno Chapter
PGM Garo Mirigian, Golden Gate Chapter
PGM Nick Nigosian, Los Angeles & Palm Desert Chapters
PGM Jerry Poochigian, Sequoia Chapter
PGM Greg Safoyan, Palm Desert Chapter
PGM Vaughn Vartanian, Los Angeles Chapter