Grand Chapter Home

Welcome to the Triple X Fraternity Grand Chapter Website.

As an organization, we have a long-standing and firmly established history as a non-political, non-religious Fraternity of Armenian Brothers.

Founded in the early 20th century and now continuing into the 21st, Armenian-Americans in California and Las Vegas have found the Triple X Fraternity to be a binding force within the Armenian-American community, bringing together hundreds of Brother Trexmen, along with their families and friends, for public service, charitable works, fellowship, and fun.


Grand Chapter Officers

Our 2019-20 Grand Chapter Officers: 

Grand Master Jack Kayajanian, Orange County Chapter

Junior Grand Master Brian Melkesian, Orange County Chapter

Grand Secretary Ralph Dergazarian, Los Angeles & Orange County Chapters

Grand Treasurer Ara Malazian, Orange County Chapter

Grand Editor Steven Sahagian, Orange County Chapter

Grand Marshal John Missakian, Los Angeles Chapter

Grand Historian/Custodian John Gulugian, Orange County Chapter

Grand Webmaster Mark Antranikian, Selma & Peninsula Chapters


Advisory Board

To be appointed.