Capitol Chapter History

TRIPLE X FRATERNITY was founded by eight young men of Armenian parentage in the year 1918 in Fresno, California.

The name “TRIPLE X” was adopted for the organization and was to represent three times the Roman numeral ten, added up, summed thirty which was the total number of members they hoped to acquire and limit the group’s size.

The purpose and objectives of this Fraternity is to promote charity, benevolence, mental improvement, social culture, and strengthening of the bonds of friendship among its members; to observe and adhere to the principles of truth, justice and loyalty.

In the year 1928 the Los Angeles and Golden Gate Chapters were founded. This created the need for a Grand Chapter, which was founded in April of 1928. Selma Chapter was formed in 1933. In the years to follow the Oakland, Peninsula, Capitol, Sequoia, San Diego, Mt. Diablo, Orange County, Las Vegas, and Palm Desert Chapters were also formed.

The Founding Fathers were Arsen Alchian, Gurken Bacon, Lee Dederian, Richard Dederian, John Kasparian, Armen Nishkian, Lee Rustigan, and Charles Ashjian, who also served as the first Grand Master.