Fresno Chapter History


The brief history of the Triple X Fraternity and the Fresno
Chapter is complied from many sources.

TRIPLE X FRATERNITY wae found in 1918 by eight(8)young men of Armenian Desceny, the first meeting of the Triple X Fraternity was held by the Charter Members on May 18, 1918.
The meeting was held in Fresno, California at Roeding Park.

The Charter Members, our Founding Fathers of the Triple X Fraternity were Arsen Alchian, Gurken Bacon, Lee Dederian,
John Kasparian, Armen Nishkian, Lee Rustigian and Charles Ashjian, who served as the first Gran Master (Statewide President) of the Fraternity. The Founding Fathers where all students at Fresno Technical High School which later was to become Fresno High School. Following the first meeting at Roeding Park the meeting where held at Fresno High School. After a while the meetings where moved to different members homes.

As the early years went by the Fresno Chapter continued to add new members and grow. Then came the lean years during the mid 1920’s and many Fresno Brothers were forced to move away. They relocated from Fresno to Los Angeles and the Sfan Francisco Bay Area.

In October, 1926, a group of young men composed of former Triple X Members from Fresno formed an organization,
which after a few months of continuous work, was to become a Chapter of the Triple X Fraternity of California. On April 28, 1928, the Los Angeles Chapter was instituted in the City of Las Angeles. In 1935 the Los Angeles Chapter came forth with an important addition to the Fraternity, the Los Angeles Junior Chapter was born and continues till today.

The years 1927 and 1928 saw many Armenian Families move the Fresno Area to the San Francisco Bay Area. Among the newcomers to San Francisco Bay Area where many former Triple x Members.They lost little time in getting together
and soon band and formed a sister chapter. On November 1,1928 a Special Grand Chapter Meeting was held in Fresno for the purpose of considering the application of the New Golden Gate Chapter. The application was approved November 11, 1928.

The Grand Chapter was created on April 25,1928 to integtate the functions of then existing Fresno, Los Angeles and Golden Gate Chapters. Today, The Grand Chapter is organized to unite all Members and Chapters into one harmonious body by the ties of mutual friendship beneficial to all, and analloyed by bitterness of religious or poliyical difference, the discussion of which is stringently forbidden. The Object of the Grand Chapter shall be to create, coordinate and to govern all Subordinate Chapters.