Golden Gate Chapter History

A Brief History of the Triple X Fraternity

The Triple X Fraternity was formed in 1918 by a group of young Armenian students at Fresno State College. This group of young men had attempted to join one of the campus’s organized fraternities, only to find that they were barred from membership because of their Armenian heritage.

Undaunted, they determined to organize their own fraternity. This time the Greek Order, who oversees the operation of college fraternities and sororities, restricted the students from using Greek letters, since their use would give the appearance of acceptance and would be similar to already established orders. Still not discouraged, the young students decided instead to use the Roman numerals for 30 (XXX) to both name their group and to set a visible goal for recruitment purposes. Thus, the Triple X Fraternity was established.

Since that beginning, Triple X Chapters have been established throughout California, as well as a strong chapter in Las Vegas. While no longer a college fraternity, our “TREX” brothers maintain a strong, fraternal spirit and bond. The fraternity is not now – nor ever was – a religious or political organization. Our common tie is that we share a proud Armenian heritage. It is our purpose and objective to promote charity, benevolence, mental improvement, and social culture, and to strengthen the bonds of friendship, as well as to observe and adhere to the principles of truth, justice and loyalty.

Our very own San Francisco Golden Gate Chapter was established in 1928 and has had a long history of good works in the community, as well as being a shining example of those founding objectives. Over more than 80 years of existence, our Golden Gate brothers have generously donated to worthwhile charities, and have been strong supporters of a scholarship program.