Los Angeles Chapter History

Almost 75 years ago, a charter was granted to a handful of young men in Southern California, thereby establishing the Los Angeles Chapter of the Triple X Fraternity of California. Because of the firm fraternal foundations which were set, even from the very start, the social and fraternal activities of the Los Angeles Chapter were a notable success. The excellence of social activities, as well as charitable endeavors, were recognized and appreciated by the Southern California community.

By 1931 the Chapter totaled 33 members. Those as yet a small group, it must be noted that in the throes of the Great Depression, this handful of brothers did not forget the less fortunate. Their Christmas baskets were a main activity of those years. Then, as now, fraternalism and social responsibility have gone hand in hand.

In 1935 the Los Angeles Chapter gave birth to a new idea. In that year, with great foresight, it established the Los Angeles Jr. Triple X Chapter. Since then, countless young men have been introduced to fraternalism and benevolence at its best through the Jr. Chapter, and the Los Angeles Chapter has benefited by a continual flow of quality members to drive and guide its efforts.

During World War II the normal activities of the Los Angeles Chapter were curtailed, but when our servicemen returned home, the Chapter was revitalized with an energy that has survived through the ensuing decades.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, the Fraternity grew in prominence in the Southern California area with grand public events, and the initiation if its active support of the Ararat Home of Los Angeles.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, the Armenian Open Golf Tournament hosted by the Chapter became a premier golfing event, and its annual dances were looked forward to by all of the community.

In the 1990’s and into this new century, the Los Angeles Chapter still has been able to maintain its preeminent status in Southern California social and charitable circles, while continuing to concentrate a good portion of its efforts on events geared toward the participation of the families of the Los Angeles Trexmen.