Oakland Chapter :: History

In late 1949, a group of 10 young Armenian men got together at the Oakland home of John Mickaels: John and Robert Mickaels, Ralph and Jim Boghosian, Richard and Robert Baronian, Al Yeremian, Harry Halajian, Aram Mazmanian, and Ed Farahadian. These men enjoyed each other’s company, good food, cards, and group discussions. They had previously come in contact with each other through the A.G.B.U., but wanted to meet with each other on a more social level, far removed from politics and religion, and yet still be able to enjoy their common Armenian heritage.

It was at a picnic in Tildin Park in Berkeley the next summer that four brothers from the Golden Gate Chapter of the Triple X Fraternity approached a few members of this East Bay group with the suggestion of joining Triple X, which ignited the spark that led the Oakland Chapter to be chartered at the Villa de la Paix restaurant in Oakland on February 3, 1951. PGM Dr. Jack Shabazian installed the group.

Not long after, another group of young men petitioned for the creation of an Oakland Juniors chapter and on May 7, 1954, Edward Mirzaian, Charles Alexanian, Alfred Hagopian, Gregory Tcherkoyan, Edward Sarafian, and Harry Sherinian became the first Oakland Juniors; Al Yeremian served as their advisor. By the mid-1960’s all these young men had either joined the seniors or moved on. In 1974 the next generation of juniors became active. Under the guidance of advisor Charles Alexanain, Gregg Chorbajian, Jeff Hazarian, Rick Magarian and Rick Mickaels were sworn in as the first of that new generation. All have gone on to become members, two of which would become Grand Masters and one would win the Lee Terzian award for Jr. Trexman of the Year in 1976.

The Oakland Chapter has had six Grand Masters since its inception: Ralph Boghosian (1957-1958), James K. Taylor, Jr. (1966-1967), Sam Kassabian (1970-1971), Charles Hazarian (1979-1980), Robert Alchian (1985-1986), Jeff Hazarian (1999-2000), and Gregg Chorbajian (2017-2018).

Today, our chapter is proud to boast of 56 active members as we embark upon our 70th year in 2021.